1 Book of 10 Tickets

1 Book of 10 Tickets
1 Book of 10 Tickets
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Vitalisport concept aims to promote sustainable development staff.
It is directly inspired by the WTS method developed for sports enthusiasts of performance ... Vitalisport EXCEPT that is for everyone from 7 to 77 years
who want to get in shape or are tired of playing sports alone.

The concept Vitalisport is:
- sessions on location for some fresh air and enjoy our beautiful region
- activities accessible to everyone: power walking, jogging, strength training ...
- sessions with a qualified coach to be advised appropriately
- usability without spirit of competition
- The motivation to practice regularly
- convincing results in terms of improving the shape and health capital

For information on the concept, but also to download the registration form, click here: http://www.vitalisport.fr
Valid for 365 days!
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Ticket 1 Session Vitalisport
Ticket 1 Session Vitalisport
Valid for 1 year!
Annual Subscription Vitalisport
Annual Subscription Vitalisport
Valid for 1 year!